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Information 610.419.DOTD

IV 08.19.2012

On Sunday August 19th 2012, Blitzkrieg Tuners presents "Dubs On The Delaware - Kapitel Vier".
A VW/Audi car show at the historic Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort located in the heart of the scenic Pocono Mountains.

Blitzkrieg Tuners is proud to offer our "backyard" to the VW/Audi community with our first "Dubs on the Delaware" event. This event will not only be a great day out to see your favorite V-Dubs at a show, but you will be able to take in the scenic environment that the Poconos is known for. Located right on the Delaware River, the Shawnee Inn and Golf Course is the perfect location for our VW/Audi car show. Registration opens June 1st and we strongly urge you to register in advance as we expect the show to fill up before the day of the show from the initial responses we have received thus far. If the show sells out of pre-registrations, there will not be any registrations sold the day of the event. Again, we strongly urge you to register in advance to secure your spot in the show.